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MEDS Dispenser products are all you need to keep your AC drain free of mold that causes clogging. It's easy to install and maintain and it works automatically so you don't have to!


MEDS Mold Elimination Dispenser System


R – 1000 Dispenser: $99.00 (System includes 20ft tubing, 9 volt battery, and adapter plug)

Product Features:


  • Pre-programed circuit that will dispense 5 ounces of solution every 30 days automatically without having to touch it.
  • Runs off a 9 volt battery that only needs to be changed once a year.
  • Comes with 20’ of reinforce tubing, additional lengths available upon request.
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Manual level indicator
  • Installs in minutes
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere in a home or business. In the attic, garage or closet.


T-50 and T-300 Tubing (50 ft: $24.99, 300ft: $149.95


The MEDS unit comes with a 20ft spool of tubing. However, we also carry 50ft spools and 300ft spools of tubing.


S – 1000 Twin Pack Solution: $24.99 (**Contact Us for Information about Solution)

Mold Elimination Dispenser Solution Twin Pack

This solution will keep the drain line clear of algae and mold. This is sold in a two 30 ounce bottles (twin pack). One year supply. *If you are interested in this mold cleaning solution, please contact us for more information).