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AC Drain Line Cleaner Unit – MEDS Dispenser Facts


About the MEDS Mold Elimination Dispenser Unit

The MEDS dispenser is an automatic AC dispensing system that breaks up sludge in the ac drain line. It is the cleaning solution of the future and it is designed to provide a convenient and cost effective way of protecting homeowners from destructive water backup due to mold build-up and sludge.

The MEDS Dispenser

  • Robust

  • Compact

  • Reliable

  • Automatic

  • Powerful

  • Multi Pump System

  • Electronic Control


How the MEDS Unit Saves Homeowners Money

  • Insurance deductible savings.

  • Minimizes risk of costly water damage not covered by insurance deductibles.

  • Lowers risk of AC drain repair and black mold.

  • Prevents AC unit from shutting down on hot summer days due to clogged drain line.

No more trips to the attic. The MEDS unit minimizes risk of water losses. It is a reliable and consistent method of preventing clogged condensate drains.

Easy Installation for Your AC Maintenance

The MEDS unit attaches directly to the AC unit air handling unit drain line. With  one push of a button, the MEDS unit is preprogrammed to automatically dispense solution every 30. “One touch” and you are set until you replace your battery. It is compact, allows for unobtrusive use, and can be installed in any room or attic.

MEDS Unit AC Condensate Drain Cleaner

 MEDS is the answer when it comes to maintaining a clear AC drain line.


Our proprietary MEDS Solution comes in a two 30oz twin pack (one year supply) that will provide continued protection with your MEDS Dispenser unit.


  The MEDS System is the AC drain line cleaner of the future.