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AC Drain Line Cleaner - Mold Elimination Dispenser (MEDS)

MEDS Mold Elimination Dispenser

You don’t have to worry about clogged air conditioner drain lines anymore! The Medispenser air conditioner condensate drain line cleaner keeps ac drain lines free of mold and algae. Our (MEDS) Mold Elimination Dispenser unit does the work for you, automatically. MEDS is the easiest ac drain line cleaner around. Prevent your ac drain line from clogging the easy way. Get yours today!

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AC Drain Line Cleaner MEDS Unit


How to Keep AC Drain Line Unclogged Easily

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” The MEDS Mold Elimination Dispenser does the work of keeping your air conditioner condensate drain line clean and free of mold and algae that can clog your AC drain pipe. There is no mess involved, no bleach to use in the drain lines. Our MEDS unit uses a solution that will get rid of all the mold and algae build-up that occurs over time due to condensation in the AC drain line.

Why is Keeping AC Drain Line Clean Important?

This is so important because a clogged AC drain line will eventually cause pan overflow and that can seriously cause major water damage to your home. With a MEDS Unit installed in your home, you can feel secure that your air conditioner condensate line is clear, doing it’s job and obtain insurance deductible savings too.

Let Our MEDS Dispenser Keep Your Air Conditioner Drains Unclogged


Water Damage Occurs Everyday

Plumbers can charge $45-$150 an hour
At It is 90% likely that AC Drains will clog eventually
Hourly rates for air conditioner repair: $99-$150
Average hourly rate for water damage services: $42

Order Your MEDS Unit today and keep your AC condensation drain line free and clear of mold, algae, and sludge build-up.

You won’t have to make that call to the plumber or the contractor. You can easily take charge of the AC drain line problem with the MEDS Unit. It’s easy to install and can save you from major problems and expenses in the future.

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See how the MEDS Mold Elimination Dispenser Unit Works to keep AC drain lines clean: